Shedline Instant Marquees & Gazebos

NZ’s Strongest Outdoor Shelter

Shedline Deluxe Outdoor Shelter

The Heavy-duty, Pop Up Shelter Tent

You’ll find the Deluxe all over New Zealand protecting rally cars in the pits, trade exhibitions and outdoor events.

🡲 We use commercial fabrics for our canopies that are fire retardant, have 100% UV protection and waterproof
🡲 Our frames are made from high-grade commercial aluminium that is corrosion resistant
🡲 Twin rib reinforced struts provide enhanced strength for the marquees
🡲 They are constructed from premium 6005-TS aluminium for enhanced strength and have finger-safe operation
🡲 We offer extensive warranties of up to 8 years

Shedline Instant Marquees are simple and quick to set up — They can be put & down in 60 seconds, are compact to store, and easy to transport. The ingenious simple folding frame can be deployed by one person.


Instant Marquees: Deluxe

Industrial Grade Aluminium Frame

With a durable, waterproof roof.

twin rib reinforced struts

Reinforced Strength

Extra Strong, twin-rib reinforced struts for extra strength.

marquee foot

Robust Foot Plate

Greater grounding ability for superior stability and safety.

Your hunt for NZ’s strongest pop up shelter has come to an end.

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