Custom Printed Gazebo

An effective portable promotional tool for your business, club or school

At Shedline, we are the experts in custom branding

When you purchase a custom printed gazebo from us, you can choose to have the roof panels, valances and even the sidewalls custom printed with your branding, logos and even photos. Imagination is the only limitation to branding. We take absolute pride in working with our customers to achieve great results with a branded gazebo that meets their needs, goals and brand guides.



Why would I need a custom printed gazebo?

If you’re in business, run an organisation or are part of a community group then you will be interested in brand awareness. A key cog of your marketing plan will be to get your name out in front of as many people as possible, in the most cost-effective manner to improve your return on investment and grow your presence in the market. Gazebos help with this by giving you a large surface to display your design on.

A lot of industries can benefit from printed gazebos as a prime method of brand growth. Gazebos and marquees are a great branded product because they can work to spread your brand and message whilst you can’t be present. A plethora of our customers will lend out their branded gazebos to community groups for fundraising purposes, the gazebo can present your brand as a supporter even when you cannot be there.

The cost of adding branding to a gazebo you are already considering purchasing is not excessive. Branded gazebos are a great business investment.


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How do I get a custom printed gazebo?

Great news, you are already halfway there by landing on our website. We are New Zealand’s experts in custom branded gazebos. With a dedicated team who are ready to provide you with the best outdoor gazebo branding.

How long does it take to receive my printed gazebo?

All this design and print time can be overwhelming so we try and ensure our lead times match up to your expectations at all times. Once you’ve confirmed your order, it will take up to 4 weeks to get printed. In that time we can dispatch your frame with a¬†loan roof* so that you pop-up your tent and get started with premium shade. This is all part of our goal to provide the best gazebos and service to New Zealand. *Conditions apply

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