Expand your space with a Warehouse Gazebo

The basic needs of your warehouse are space. Building new facilities to cope with stock influx and seasonality is a challenge that may well be met by expanding your physical building. However, a common use for our Deluxe Instant Marquee is as a warehouse gazebo.

Rather than build additional warehouse space, which can be a cost that isn’t actualised as the down months will have empty warehouse shelves and the busy months will be overflowing which can become unsafe and affect the health and wellbeing of staff. A warehouse Gazebo is a great solution for temporary shelter. The Deluxe is available in up to 4m x 8m, giving you a quick way to deploy 32m2 of additional storage in an instant.

The ability to popup extra warehouse gazebos is a great shelter solution and Shedline Marquees are built strong with key strength enhancements.

Marquees can also provide a great solution as a rain shelter for unloading trucks, deliveries and containers once they arrive at your warehouse. The warehouse gazebo can be popped up when the weather turns to provide a tunnel that you can unload your important deliveries under.

A premium warehouse gazebo is available by getting in touch with our shade team toll-free on 0800 144 155 or send us an email to info@shedline.co.nz

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