Why Sidewalls?

As we know, rain, wind and sun can come from all directions, up top, sideways and even from below. We offer sidewalls for all our marquee models and sizes to ensure you have the flexibility to meet your shelter needs.

Sidewall Options


A standard sidewall gives you a nice flat to keep out the weather – also great for custom branding.

Half Walls

If you’re in the market for a . . . Market Stall Marquee – half walls are a perfect way to create a storefront aesthetic.

Window Walls

Our smart window walls give you a see through option to addon to your marquee. Perfect for visibility and light

Zip Door

Finish off your “outdoor room” with a zip door. This allows for a full 360 degree walled marquee.

Available Sizes

2.4m Sidewall 3.0m Sidewall
4.0m Sidewall 4.5m Sidewall
6.0m Sidewall 8.0m Sidewall

Sidewall Options

Standard Wall

Half Wall

Window Walls

Zip Door Wall

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